Friday, May 16, 2008


Apparently there were votes that were counted twice in North Carolina that may have incorrectly swelled the final margin of victory by anywhere from 1-4% from what it actually was. However, NOBODY in the media will update their election totals from that night nor offer a retraction to their erroneous vote totals that were used to try and create the lie that Hillary had failed hard in North Carolina.

Apparently North Carolina is finalizing their results on May 22,23. Meanwhile Barack Obama trys to force Hillary to quit so that he can stop campaigning and then downplay the caucus cheating his side engaged in as meaningless since he would have won anyway. If in fact Hillary lost by 11% instead of 14%, it will also mean that the walk up vote from the actual election day will be even closer than that margin because Barack had a 100,000 mail in lead. In other words, it is possible that Hillary only lost the walk up vote by a 6-8% margin.

Hillary Clinton not only was trailing in the polls by 22-25% just two weeks before the democratic primary in North Carolina, but Hillary had actually closed the deficit to as little as 11%. How can that be seen as a huge Barack Obama victory when the same media attempted to downplay the Pennsylvania victory by saying that Barack Obama came back from a 22-25% deficit, and had closed it down to 10%!

I implore any foreign media with an objective eye to start reporting the truth and quit taking feeds from the United States news establishment and instead start reporting what is really going on, a coup of the democratic party by progressive/aggressives posing as democrats.


ginamc said...

I agree. Alessandro, can you give references to the NC situation. I'd love to see more stats and information on this.

Alessandro Machi said...

Apparently the official count isn't released until May 22,23. So the situation becomes this, Barack Obama tries to rush the nomination process to a close, yet North Carolina can take the time it needs to do a final accounting. If North Carolina can take the time it needs to do the proper accounting, then why is the Barack Obama camp rushing to try and finish off the nomination process.

Perhaps because then the Obama camp can argue that the momentum Hillary Clinton still has, had to do with Obama not trying anymore because he had the nomination wrapped up.