Friday, May 30, 2008

The Media is Addicted to Hating Hillary Clinton, WE WILL NOT FORGET!

Agenda Driven Andrea Mitchell uses the power of the written word to defile her own role of a news reporter reporting news, to one attempting to shape and mold the news.

Hillary Clinton bound and gagged and on the railroad tracks. Would we ever see an action hero such as Sylvestor Stallone or a political hero such as John Edwards in a similar "pose".

"I would be a liar if I said that there hasn't been a certain amount of glee in the press corps about Hillary Clinton not doing that well. To use a very fancy word, there's some schadenfreude among the press." -- Time magazine's Richard Stengel

This one needs no explanation, does it? The comments appear to be frozen at three. Maybe ABC realized the stupidity of their Headline, probably after people started complaining. The Obamalots can't hold it together long enough to officially win, that is how demented they really are. The Democratic Party has been taken over progressive aggressive zealots.

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