Friday, May 23, 2008

Jay Leno Joke seems to Insinuate that Barack Obama has Cheated.

Here is the Jay Leno Joke that seems to imply that Barack Obama has cheated in the 2008 elections.

"Ya know there's an article in the Wall Street Journal this week about Olympic athletes who come in second. Eventually getting the gold medal like years after a doping scandal. Like the women who lost to Marion Jones, ya know the story. She was now awarded the gold medal after Jones steroid scandal, seven years after the fact she was declared the winner. Lets just hope Hillary Clinton doesn't read this story."

Shouldn't the punch line have used "Al Gore" instead of Hillary Clinton? But whether Jay Leno uses Al Gore or Hillary Clinton as the punch line, the joke still implies that the perceived second place finisher will be Hillary Clinton and that the winner, Barack Obama, is the equivalent to Marion Jones. Since we now know that Marion Jones has been disqualified for cheating, it appears that Jay Leno is insinuating Barack Obama cheated in this years elections and that Hillary should actually be declared the winner, seven years from now.

I have a suggestion to add to Jays joke, lets not wait seven years, lets not wait seven months, lets ask Barack Obama if he thinks he is living up to his own religious and ethical manifests by keeping excessive caucus delegate counts he did not honestly deserve.

Is it religiously and personally ethical for Barack Obama to stop Florida delegates votes from counting before the nomination has been secured? It may be good political gamesmanship, but certainly not on an ethical and religious basis, that's for sure.

If Barack Obama is serious about "change", than valuing strong religious concepts such as not stealing or cheating, and valuing ethical responsibility as much as political gamesmanship would seem to me to be a cornerstone tenet to his "Change" doctrine.

Is Barack Obama expecting his followers to follow his credo of change, and of doing more with less, even as he, Barack Obama does not back up his own beliefs?

Maybe Barack Obama's "Change" slogan, is "just words", full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

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Whatever the intentions of Leno's joke, anyone who is willing to be honest knows that Clinton has been cheated in this election in more ways than one. If Obama prevails, it will be an extroadinarily UNJUST "win".