Saturday, May 24, 2008

Jack Cafferty condemns Story of Eleven Year Old Boy who Sold his Bicycle so he could Donate the Proceeds to Hillary Clinton's Campaign.

Some may argue that Jack Cafferty was actually condemning Hillary Clinton for accepting a donation from an eleven year old youth. However, since Jack Cafferty regulary attacks Hillary Clinton, it is actually more accurate to say that Jack Cafferty condemns 11 year olds who want to make a difference in this world.

Watching Jack Cafferty reminds me of the Star Trek episode in which James T. Kirk, Spock, and McCoy visit a planet that has mimicked the roaring 20's. To hear Jack Cafferty speak and whine in his gravely voiced, one upmanship demeanor makes one wonder if maybe he didn't fall out of that Star Trek episode and accidentally land inside the CNN studios. Either that or the CNN stage hands accidentally found him waiting to be discovered between two forgotten dust laden set pieces.

Perhaps Jack is jealous that he wasn't as savvy at the age of 11 as the young man intelligent enough to want Hillary Clinton for President. By the way, this is a recycled topic from a week or two ago that appeared on Huffington Posture, er Post that Cafferty chose to dissect.

I have heard of underage kids selling family possessions to buy drugs, but how dare an eleven year old kid show he has a genuine interest in the world around him. If that interest is not for Barack Obama, it just can't be a valid, can it? (sarcasm alert, sarcasm alert).

Cafferty, find some background extras work from a prohibition era movie or television show, you would blend right in, no acting required. No offense to extras who already work on such movies or shows is intended or implied, it's just that Jack would be a natural, and more in touch with his surroundings than his takes on Hillary Clinton.

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