Sunday, May 18, 2008

I Need Your Help for my Next Article.

Back in 1991-92, somebody on the republican side smirked that George Bush and his post Iraq, "3 Day War 90% popularity rating", would be running against "The seven dwarves" (7 democrats were running for president against Bush). In case you have forgotten, Bill Clinton won that year, with a bit of a boost from a certain lady who put up a sign at one of the debates that said "It's the economy, stupid" for husband Bill to read. That moment may have been the turning point in the campaign for Husband Bill who would pull away from the field from that night on.

I believe an update to the George Bush and the seven dwarves comment is appropriate since Hillary Clinton has been running against her own set of Dwarves. However, I first want to apologize to dwarves, midgets, small people and "midga's"
Roger Eberts Dwarf Dilemma

as I absolutely don't know what word to use that is both respectful and allows me to write this article since it's ultimate references is Snow White and the Seven dwarves, the 1992 Presidential Race, and how both relate to this year's campaign.

Hillary Clinton has been running against a nasty group of dwarves. I seem to recall in the original Snow White and the Seven Dwarves that the Dwarves protected the Princess from the Evil Witch. In this years version, the Dwarves are devil spawn and as a result have toughened up Snow White until she became the Iron Princess.

So while I wait to be educated as to how best to write about "midga's", I would like to see who you think the 17 dwarves (7 is not enough) are in this years election. Rather than protect their Iron Princess, they kicked, punched, screamed and whined every which way she turned. There was sniper fire, Hillary just got the year wrong. The sniper fire was this year, courtesy of the 17 Dwarves. Help me come up with a list of the top 17 Dwarves that opened fire on their own Iron Princess this year so we can properly award them their crowns.

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