Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hillary's Logical Message

The problem I have with the statement above is it reminds me of Al Gore in Florida in 2000. Al Gore logically asked that all the votes be recounted. The other side accused Gore of "changing the goalposts". In this years democratic nominating process, Hillary Clinton has already been accused of changing the goalposts by wanting all the votes, including those of Florida and Michigan, to count.

Just imagine the hornets nest that will be raised if Barack Obama has to look into the camera and say, "I did not cheat in the caucus state votes".


James said...

The problem Al Gore faced and ultimately lost was that citizens of the United States do NOT have a Constitutional Right to Vote. The supreme court decision was not to determine the winner, it was to determine the constitutionality of the recount. The court ruled in favor of Bush and in their ruling restated the fact that citizens do not have the right to vote in federal elections.

Hillary's struggle is getting the rules of the Democratic Party changed or overlooked. Has nothing to do with the rights of the voters, it's regarding the punishment of the state election committees for failure to follow the rules they agreed to.

James said...

"The individual citizen has no federal constitutional right to vote for electors for the President of the United States." (Bush v. Gore, 531 U.S. 98, 104 (2000))

Alessandro Machi said...

The reverse of that intriguing finding is the delegates have agreed to follow, to some degree, the wishes of the popular vote. In that scenario, Hillary does a leg to stand on as the delegates have been misled by voting impropriety.

One can even call it a coup as some of the delegates voted in were actually in on the cheating.

James said...

Wha? Who mentioned cheating?

Obama wasn't even on the ballot in one of the two states who violated the rules. That's some fantastic cheating there!

I seriously think you're watching a different election than the rest of us.

Obama needs 48 delegates to win the deal, Clinton needs 246.

Puerto Rico, Montana, South Dakota still have to run their course. If he lost all three he's still up 187 delegates.

Total Delegates: Obama +198
Super Delegates: Obama +38
Pledged Delegates: Obama +160
Popular Vote: Obama +1.4%
Popular Vote w/ FL: Obama +0.5%

General Election polling... (McCain/Obama) (McCain/Clinton)

National Obama +2.6 Clinton +1.2
Pennsylvania Obama +5.8 Clinton +11.7
Ohio Obama +1.3 Clinton +8.3
Wisconsin Obama +1.6 McCain +3.4
Virginia McCain +1.3 McCain +10.4
Florida McCain +8.3 Clinton +3.0
California Obama +11.5 Clinton +11.3

Again... what election are you watching son?

Alessandro Machi said...

Just for kicks, do your stats based on primary states only. Since cheating went on in most of the caucuses, when you throw their results, Hillary leads.

We're only talking a million votes out of 35 million, so it's not actually a significant amount, but it just solidifies the theme that Hillary is being cheated out of the nomination by a guy who uses old school politics while claiming to be about "change" and "togetherness".

As for Michigan, I have an editorial about the idiocy of taking one names off the ballot on my blog.

James said...

I can run my stats based on states that only start with a consonant if you want... it's still not how the REAL election is tallied.

I've already run you down on the discrepancies between the caucuses and the primary votes on your Caucus Cheating blog.

Did you hear we didn't actually land on the moon either?