Friday, May 16, 2008

Hillary Rocks in Century City!

Hillary Clinton vowed to fight on in Century City last night in front of an enthusiastic and eager crowd that paid 150 to 1,500 dollars each for the chance to be with their hero and future president, Hillary Clinton. It is clear from the capacity filled venue that those attending are "not your Obama's angry internet trolls" but nice people that are actually perplexed at how the media keeps portraying Obama as the winner and that Hillary MUST quit before the convention.

Never before in the history of democratic nomination races has a candidate been menaced into quitting like Hillary Clinton has by the media, and the media only.

The reasons the progressive/aggressives want Hillary to quit are obvious. Hillary Clinton will garner more popular votes and more delegates than Barack Obama from February 19th until the end of the democratic races in June. Howard Dean has already stated that that whomever has the stronger momentum over the final 10 campaigns could have an edge in convincing delegates and superdelegates to vote for them.

The Obamamites know Hillary will out gain Obama in the both the popular vote and the delegate count from Feb. 19 and on and are freaking out amidst the exterior calm they portend to portray. Their latest attempt to defuse their false lead was to announce John Edwards at a rally in an effort to pretend that Hillary Clinton did not win West Virginia by 41 percent.

Additionally, the Obama camp knows it is only a matter of time before their caucus cheating controversy is exposed. It can be mathematically proved that not only was Barack Obama's delegate lead built on cheating in the caucus states, but Barack's refusal to acknowledge Michigan and Florida will just show him for the mathematical manipulator that he has been all along.

If you are news media from another country, please use news material found on this blog to begin your own investigation into the caucus cheating that Barack Obama orchestrated. Hillary Clinton has a larger share of the democratic party than Barack Obama, but the media and US internet websites continue to lie about this in an effort to Boost the weaker candidate, Barack Obama.

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