Friday, May 2, 2008

The Hillary Effect.

The Hillary Effect
Hillary Clinton has a few things going for her that might make her a great president. For starters, Hillary has influenced at least one past presidential race. It was Hillary holding up a sign for Bill Clinton to read during a 1992 debate that said "It's the Economy, Stupid" that helped Bill Clinton gain traction in his first presidential campaign and subsequent presidency. The following eight years of being wife of a president also makes Hillary Clinton uniquely qualified since no other presidential candidate has ever had that viewpoint of the presidency.

Moving forward to the 2008 presidential campaign and situations have arisen that showcase why Hillary Clinton might make a great president. For starters, Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign was originally funded in 2007 with serious, maximum donor amounts of $2,300. In 2008 Hillary's donations have now morphed into hundreds of thousands of smaller donations of anywhere from 10 dollars to a hundred dollars. Yes, Hillary Clinton's campaign lives on and is thriving at the hand of the true blue collar american citizen.

How many candidates from past elections started with one kind of very specific type of a funding constituency but then had to rely on another, completely different constituency to actually help propel them to victory. The wealthy, having reached their $2,300 donation cap, stood helplessly by as small donations poured in to reinvigorate Hillary Clinton's campaing. It is quite possible that this has never happened before and it speaks to a greater truth, Hillary has a huge coalition of support that has managed to survive the abandonment by black voters who had supported Bill Clinton in huge numbers in the 90's.

Although Hillary Clinton has literally had to rely on many different demographic categories to boost her recent campaign success, Hillary has not had to sell out her values even when appearing on conservative channel Fox Television opposite Bill O'Reilly! Never before has a democratic candidate been so mercilessly attacked by democratic "progressives" such as Huffington Post, Move On, Kos, Oprah Winfrey, Air America, the Kennedys, Emil Jones, James E. Clyburn, David Geffen, MIchael Moore, Bill Richardson, Larry David, Bill Mahrer, David Letterman, MSNBC television "pundits" including Keith Olberman, Chris Matthews, Andrea Mitchell, plus various articles in several magazines that either lampooned Hillary Clinton and her "sinking ship campaign" OR vilified Hillary Clinton by accusing her of staying in the race for selfish reasons, even though Hillary Clinton STILL retained almost 50% of the popular vote.

For the first time ever in the democratic primary, a democratic candidate has received more public hostility from internal democratic and progressive pundet forces than from the opposing Republican party! If Hillary Clinton defeats John McCain this fall, Republicans may still feel an awkward kinship towards Hillary Clinton because they personally witnessed her barbaric treatment at the hands of the lunatic angry fringe part of her own democratic party that refused to be civil or respectful towards Hillary Clinton.

In the past the democratic progressive lunatic fringe was unleashed against the Republicans while the democratic leader could just stand by and benefit even though they did not actually initiate the attack. The democratic progressive lunatic fringe usually makes most Republicans do a slow burn and helps to create more hate for democratic values. But how can Republicans do a slow burn over Hillary Clinton when the democratic progressive lunatic fringe has spent a good deal of their time attacking, Hillary Clinton!

Rush Limbaugh ridiculed Hillary Clinton a week or two before the Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island and Vermont primaries after Hillary said "She would work hard" to find solutions. But if Hillary Clinton combines "working hard", with intelligence, kinship and spreading success around she may be able to successfully guide several normally clashing factions. Hillary Clinton just may surprise many as those normally opposed to her may find her more acceptable after the hostility many in her own party have put her through. While the democratic progressive lunatic fringe insanely screams that Hillary is ruining the democratic party, HIllary Clinton has built a coalition that extends well beyond the rich, democratic progressive lunatic fringe.

Hillary Clinton has trumped Barrack Obama's attempt to build a coalition by actually building a real coalition that is comprised of true diversity, and that is change we can all learn to thrive from.


AnnJSmith said...

You bring up good points. It is unprecedented how Hillary has been attacked from within her own party. What is even more unusual is the totally disregard of her supporters and the success of her hard fought campaign. Also unprecedented is the media's obvious bias toward one candidate. Some where along the line the media has lost it's purpose.

Joey said...

I honestly believe that she will win the nomination. She earned it. And I believe with all my heart that she will win the general election and be a spectacular president.