Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hillary Clinton Supporters Celebrate Kentucky Win and Protest at NBC, Burbank.

HIllary Supporters Gathered in Burbank to celebrate Hillary Clinton's 35 point victory in Kentucky AND to PROTEST MSNBC's absolutely one sided and completely slanted coverage of this years Democratic Presidential campaign.

Chris Matthews, Andrea Mitchell, Keith Olbermann, Arianna Huffington, Huffington Post, Daily Kos, Cafferty of CNN were just the tip of the Obama love in and Hillary hate out over the past several months. Quotes such as "Tear her head off" by Chris Matthews, Keith Olberman suggesting Hillary Clinton be put in a room with enforcers, and on and on it went with the negativity have put fear in my heart at how easily the democratic party was invaded by progressive/aggressives posing as democrats, both in the media and on the internet.

These are not your Obama Internet Trolls, that's for sure, and I'm glad they're on Hillary's side.

Florida and Michigan Don't Exist in Barack Obama's World. Can Pluto be far behind. (yes, I know).

Barack Obama cheated in the Caucus State elections yet nobody will investigate and bring the caucus cheating reality out into the light.

The above video was put on Youtube by glozell1


Josh said...

Wonderful wonderful commitment.

- takakupo

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Congrats on a great turnout and thank you for all your support! Hillary to the White House!@

Pamela said...

Wonderfull pics! Thanks for being there and posting th pics as well! Hillary Clinton 2008 & 2012!


Anonymous said...

So happy someone is finally stepping forward for Hillary. I say " shame on the democratic party leaders."

Boris the Bewildered said...

I love you guys! You are Awesome! I'll do my part in DC next Saturday and send you a link to my photos!

Anonymous said...

Check this video out. I am behind Hillary Clinton 100% and if Obama is the nominee I think I am gonna move to some place like North Korea where I will feel safer...

Anonymous said...

I understand that Hillary is winning the popular vote.

But isn't it weird that not even 1 person in Michigan voted for him? I surprised because my brother-in-law lives in Detroit and he was definitely voting for BO. He says he wants his voted counted!!

Go Hill.

Marjorie Dawson said...

I have watched the disgraceful behaviour of the media in the US against Hillary Clinton and am greatly cheered to see so many of her supporters fighting back. She is one hell of a Lady and you have my 100% support.

SmartAssProducts said...

Great job everybody! I came by and honked and waved, but couldn't attend the rally myself for health reasons. It's great to see the video and to hear the enthusiasm, and the thoughtful comments made by attendees really go to show what Hillary has been up against in this race. Shame on [MS]NBC. Go Hillary!

Katieschoicein2008 said...

I'm so proud of Sen. Hillary Clinton!
If she had dropped out when told, we would never have had our chance to cast our votes!
MSNBC and CNN have time and time again voiced their support for the DNC's chosen candidate, while trying to deny us our choice!
They have used hateful sexist remarks and rude comments to belittle not only Hillary but her supporters. Their actions have been disgraceful and in some small measure have solidified by resolve against Sen. Obama.
Now it's our turn!
We need to let them know just how serious we are! On June 4th, let's remind the DNC they need us, we don't need them. Change your party and send them a clear message on where OUR loyalties are. The DNC seems to think Obama can win us over with the Obama crusade, or win without us, the blue collar workers.
Let's see how that plan works for them!
Hillary is the only candidate that can win the states needed to take back the White House!
The DNC must count all the votes cast in Florida and Michigan! Counting half the votes just ensure Obama will win the nomination and thwart the will of the voters.
I, for one, will vote Republican before I would vote what the DNC and the Media are trying to force upon me and manipulate me into doing.

I will not shut up, sit down nor be quiet!

Hillary Clinton - From Pennsylvania to Pennsylvania Avenue in 2008!

Anonymous said...

HURRAH FOR THE PROTEST!!! I am a proud HRC supporter in OH and I are ready to challenge the DNC's lack of back bone by allowing the disgracful sexist dialogue go on without objection, I have turned off NBC, MSNBC, and CNBC. I also will no longer bou any General Electric products since they own NBC. You can count on me for support, including reacting with my responses to the SD's.

cindalee from rural Ohio

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You all are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for taking action!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wish such rally, small or big, would keep happening around the country. Also I know some of us will not vote in GE simply because they can't stand McCain either. But if you want to see Obama failure - translated into a much bigger failure right at the media and dem party's face, you must vote for McCain to ensure Obama will not get elected. Dem party and the media should learn a big lesson in a hard way. If McCain gets elected, Hillary would have another shot in 2012, or it'd be the end of the history. I hope to see more of self organized group like "Women's Votes Count Too". Please, let's all work together to ensure Obama will not prevail!!!!

Norma Zuckerman said...

Many Many Thanks to All for supporting our Sexism and the Media Protest and Make EVERY Vote Count ! Even though this gathering was done with such short notice, all who attended really got the job done in showing our feelings for Hillary Clinton and how we feel she has been so very mistreated and disrespected by the media. She has spent her entire lifetime working for the people....she is the only one to lead this country and ALL Americans !