Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hillary Clinton Rally in Los Angeles, May 31, 2008

Another Rally for Hillary Clinton included hundreds of enthusiastic car horns honking in response. One person actually got out of his car to join, and another happily received a Hillary Clinton Sign and immediately held it up high through the sun roof of her car as she drove off.


James said...

So are we still so blindly gung-ho now that it is statistically and mathematically IMPOSSIBLE for Hillary to win?

AND that Obama's people are said to be offering her a Cabinet seat?

Anonymous said...

Shhh. Don't wake him, James. He's dwelling in impossibility.

Alessandro Machi said...

It's just a matter of time before Barack resigns, or agrees to accept the vice presidency. Barack is an OK guy, but he has too much sleaze pushing him too hard and too fast.

James said...

Mind if I ask you what in the hell you're smokin?

It's the bottom of the ninth, bases loaded and Obama is up by 155 delegates... why would you think he would resign the nomination?


The nomination does not have a % win margin attached to it, you can secure the nomination of the party by as little as ONE delegate.

Hillary Clinton is down by 155 delegates with 2 more contests to go.

Montana has 25 total delegates and 9 super delegates.

South Dakota has 23 total delegates and 8 super delegates.

Do the math and you're looking at 65 delegates.

Even if Hillary wins 100% of each, you're looking at a lead of 90 delegates for Obama (That still makes him the presumptive nominee BTW).

The ONLY thing that could hand Clinton the nominee is if the Super Delegates pledged to Obama and leaning to Obama suddenly pulled an about face and headed to Hillary.

Just think for a moment how that would look in the eyes of the voting public.

Anonymous said...

HUNDREDS of people showed up, hahahaha. She must be right for America.

A.M. said...

I think you misread the post. The location wasn't a park on a weekend afternoon with a band peforming first.

A.M. said...

Fair Reflection is the key.

James said...

LOL, once again facts are addressed and once again the slogan king ignores them.

A.M. said...

When is Obama presented with the facts that he cheated in the caucus state voting.