Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Hijacking of the Democratic Party.

The Hijacking of the Democratic Party.
The Hijacking of the Democratic Party by Progressive/Aggressives probably has it's roots in Howard Dean's tumultuous and instant crashing and burning during the 2004 democratic race, and the appointment of Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker and her failure to get american troops home as promised. Both Pelosi and Dean failed in their first attempt at acquiring power in too fast of a fashion so now they want to be known for something they successfully DID, not something they tried to do but failed at.

Dean was unceremoniously dumped in the 2004 democratic race after the "microphone gate" incident. "Microphone gate" consisted of somebody nefariously, or accidentally, muting out all the background sounds at a Dean afterprimary rally, except for the microphone Dean was yelling into. It instantly made Dean unfairly look like he was having a mental breakdown and pretty much ruined any momentum he had left. As I recall, Keith Olbermann gleefully played the clip of "microphone gate" over and over on his show, giggling and cackling anew with each and every replay.

Nancy Pelosi is trying to earn her own credo, a credo that originally was to be earned by getting our troops out of Iraq. That has not happened yet so something else, something big, needs to happen for her to justify her own position as speaker of the house.

The Clintons have their own people who they want to see do well, people who have been loyal to the Clintons over the past 20 years. An additional problem may be a perception that the Clintons will do it "their way" and exclude people like Dean, Pelosi, and Obama should Hillary become president.

It has taken a progressive/aggressive coup to try and topple the Clintons, and I believe this coup has to be called a failure for several reasons. The Progressive/Aggressive coup of the democratic party has been rushed along at too fast of a pace. In an effort to deny Hillary Clinton a possible popular vote victory, the progressive/aggressives have now resorted to calling whites who vote for Hillary Clinton "n West Virginia as "racists". Are these real democrats saying these things? Not real democrats, they are progressive/aggressives, perhaps launched by Arianna Huffington in her several year long quest to try and mold a third party.

Barack Obama has had to link the Bill Clinton presidency to the George Bush regime. Two more polar opposite presidencies could not be found. It is an insult to the extreme most definitely for the Clinton administration. lol, perhaps for the Bush administration as well.

Additionally, it has taken the sullying of the Clinton by Obamamite aggressives to give Barack Obama his "edge". Wait a minute, Barack Obama actually has no edge. If not for undervote caucus votes resulting in bloated delegate counts going to Barack Obama along with a couple of states giving Barack Obama way too many delegates compared to the overall popular vote in those specific states, there would be a swing of at least 142 delegates right now, perhaps even a few more. This without even counting Florida and Michigan. Yes, Hillary would actually be leading right now in the delegate race if Florida were counted.

Another tried and true Obama tactic, never allow your opponents traction, even if the will of the people demands it as is the case with Florida. Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi once again find themselves in the unenviable task of attempting a change faster than it reasonably should occur, and they have had to throw the Clintons and at least half of the democratic popular vote, to do it.

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Wow, you people really need to get a job and exercise. So much anger and resentment is not bad. I'm shocked you call yourself a democrat. Apparently your one of those new Extremist democrats that wants to destroy america. Go back to russia you commie.