Friday, May 30, 2008

Guest Reverend Michael Pfleger's Hillary Clinton Racist Bashing a Smashing Standing Ovation Success.

After listening to Michael Pfleger ridicule Hillary Clinton to the delight of Barack Obama's church members, I am beginning to wonder if I have lived my life at a disadvantage by not belonging to a racist group. Mr. Pfleger's performance, to the riotous joy of members of the church Barack Obama calls his own, has demonstrated to me that most people find comfort belonging to a tribe, no matter how racist that tribe may be.

I belong to the tribe of creativity. I've always tried to be supportive of creative people trying to make their legitmate projects a reality. But that is creative work, and church is church... Mr. Pfleger has shown me that the best a tribe can do is tolerate those who are deemed different while ridiculing those same outsiders when they are not present.

In my opinion Mr. Pfleger's performance was far far worse than anything Pastor Wright has been accused of doing. I have lost quite a bit of the respect that I previously had for the democratic party. Tolerate whitey when in their presence if possible, then laugh out loud about "anything whitey" when in church, that is the message that Mr. Pfleger delivered loudly and clearly to a standing church ovation, and that is the message the democratic party is in bed with at the moment.
Barack Obama might be the best thing about the area he grew up in, but when I factor in the white bashing environment he experienced in church and his cheating in the caucus states, I have lost interest in belonging to Barack Obama's tribe.

Barack Obama refuses to admit he made a mistake by taking his name off the ballot in Michigan, refuses to admit not wanting to count the votes in Florida is a mistake, and is the same man who eliminated his competition when running for the senate through every and all legal technicalities he could find. Barack Obama also cheated in the Caucus States as well. When I roll it all up I see a man who needs a few more years of ethics seasoning before he is ready for the presidency.

Maybe Hillary Clinton will let him be Vice President in the meantime.

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