Sunday, May 25, 2008

From Sea to Shining Sea, Hillary Wins!

My instincts tell me that never has a democratic presidential candidate won states that touch each other from one coast to the other, and not been the democratic presidential candidate.

Factor in the theft of the caucus state votes by Barack Obama's side, factor in the not counting of Michigan and Florida and clearly Hillary Clinton IS the democratic nominee. Now the question becomes, do we allow the media and the internet rag websites to steal the democratic nomination from Hillary Clinton?


James said...

So because it's never happened before, we're supposed to believe it won't ever happen?

By that stretch in logic the Democrats have no chance in winning the general election because never before in the history of this nation has a black man, or a woman been elected President.

I'm sure if Hillary is denied her birthright to the throne all hell will break loose over the denial of the "popular vote" much like the ruckus that is STILL going on from 2000 because voters in America still believe they have a right to vote.

James said...

BTW, It helps when you use a map/graph/chart... to include a legend so uninformed visitors know what your artwork represents.

I know you used Red for Clinton (ironic I know) but most would miss it if they were not into the nuances of the primaries.

Alessandro Machi said...

It wasn't my artwork. I meant to credit it but I guess I forgot. lol, now I forgot where I got it from.

From Sea to Shining Seeeeeeeaa....

Plus she's one a lot of the big states, it's a potent combination when one factors in the mirage of the caucus state overvotes that went to Barack Obama.