Friday, May 23, 2008

Exploring Barack Obama's Religious Convictions with His Own Behavior in this Year's Democratic Race.

Coming Soon, An analysis of Barack Obama's religious convictions and beliefs and how they may not match with his own behavior in this years democratic election process.


LEL said...

Hussein obama was raised as a muslim.

Anonymous said...



May 22 a news conference was help in Washington by Cliff Kincaid and an investigative reporter who has done extensive work into Obama's backgroud basically doing the work our media hasn't done. Please take a look and see if you can do anything with it. Here is info you may want to look at his Website

Also an email to a person also interested into learning the facts.

Dear Friend of America's Survival, Inc. :

We held our news briefing and released two blockbuster reports on Obama's communist connections. The news release and the two reports are posted at Please send links of them to your friends and associates in order to get them posted on blogs and other Internet sites.

Several television camera crews were there, including one from Russia. Isn't that interesting? Perhaps they were interested in the information we had on Obama's alleged links to Russia through various communist agents. What do you think? We'll monitor what gets reported.

Meanwhile, Jerry Corsi of WorldNetDaily has a good story about our event. You can always count on Jerry to cover the events that matter and you can read his article here.

A wise-guy "journalist" from the Washington Post, who was identified to me as a notorious Obama supporter, also turned in a story. You can read it here. Needles to say, he tried to dismiss or cast doubt on most of our information.

There used to be a time when a Post story might make a difference in the media in terms of follow-up. But with new alternative media, such as WorldNetDaily, the story gets out anyway and gets picked up far and wide. Plus, we recorded the event and will be posting that material shortly. So people will be able to see the event for themselves and make their own judgments.

If you see any pick-up on our news briefing, please send it along to us. I am unable to see or monitor everything out there. Please send it to Thank you for your interest and support.

Please pass it on to anyone who may be interested. I just can't believe that a candiate with this kind of backgroud be considered as presidental material without being fully vetted. If this does surface and Swiftboated we wil have 4 more years of George Bush.

I would appreciate any comment



Thank you for any consideration.