Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Second Nail in the Caucus Coffin against Obama, NEBRASKA's Primary results show a Virtual Tie.

The Second Nail in the Caucus Coffin, NEBRASKA's Primary results show a Virtual Tie.
First it was Washington State revealing a swing from 68%-31% in favor of Obama in the Caucus vote to 50% to 47% in the non-binding primary. Now Nebraska reveals a 68%-32% Barack Obama lead SHRINKING to a 49%-47% margin in their primary vote.

Isn't it pretty obvious that Barack Obama CHEATED in the caucus state votes? Isn't it pretty obvious that without Barack Obama taking his defeats like a man in both Florida and Michigan, and then cheating in the caucus state votes, he would NOT be ahead of Hillary Clinton right now?

Time to look yourself in the mirror and realize the lies that have been made on your behalf, Barack Obama, and do the right thing.


Pamela said...

Oh I do wish he would look himself in the mirror and do the right thing. However, I'm not holding my breath as I know in my heart it won't happen. He has NO CONCIENCE!


Anonymous said...

Arrogance is blinding him.

Katieschoicein2008 said...

Why am I not surprised the media hasn't uttered a word of this? Shouldn't we demand they do?

Alessandro Machi said...

That is why I've started a second blog/website called caucuscheating and

There has a been a huge spike in interest in this blog/website in the past couple of days and I don't want to disappoint anyone who checks in by not having new material up, especially because THERE IS PLENTY of material that the media has chosen to ignore, and CONTINUES to ignore, that needs to be put up. The additional site is called caucuscheating (link on the right) or you can get there by typing

Alessandro Machi said...

Just to clarify, the second blog/website has two names.

the blog name is CaucusCheating. Or one can use the URL address of