Friday, May 23, 2008

CNN Headlines Attempt to Change History of the Florida Vote.

I can't keep up with the barrage of Pro Obama "news" stories that falsify history while trying to make Obama look like the supportive candidate in Florida. It is just mind boggling that our news channels think they can get away with headlines such as "Obama's Fight for Florida" when it is Barack Obama who has refused to allow Florida's votes to count.

It's Barack Obama, all the time, fighting for Florida. CNN, are you kidding me????

I had forgotten how obnoxious, arrogant, and smug Mr. Cafferty can be. Yeesh.

Is it time to beg the United Nations to intervene in U.S. news reporting? Has anyone seen Keith Olbermann's latest insane tirade against Hillary Clinton? Keith Olbermann, you need help. Pretending to report the news when you already have a completely fixed and made up agenda is every bit as low as other news correspondents that you regularly rail against.


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