Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Barack Obama's FAKE huge crowd in Oregon.

What is it about the media? Somebody tells them something, and they just report it. lol, I can do that myself, so can anyone. I thought the Idea was to verify and probe for hidden agendas and separate the hidden agenda, from the truth.

Here is the truth. Barack Obama had 72,000 people come hear him speak BECAUSE THERE WAS A 45 MINUTE ROCK CONCERT BEFORE HE SPOKE, and because it was a beautiful weekend day to be at the park! In other words, they weren't all Barack Obama supporters and those that were had two other great reasons to be there besides Obama.

I had surmised that there was some other event going on before Barack Obama spoke, or after he spoke. lol, I didn't have time to do any further research but suddenly on
there was a topic that outs the Oregon event as a fraud.
HRC Forum Topic On Obama Rock Concert

My Disgust grows at golden boy Obama. This type of media fakery may be brilliant, but it shows just how desperate the Obama people are behind the scenes that they have to resort to this type of fraud. So, Keith Olberman, Chris Matthews, MSNBC, and CNN, and ALL THE OTHER NEWS MEDIA THAT REPORTED THIS EVENT AS IF IT WAS ALL ABOUT OBAMA and how amazing he is, aren't you even just a little bit embarrassed that you perpetuated an outright lie?

The sad fact is, the arrogant ( you know what U.S. media, doesn't give a dang.


moblou said...

Hillary is winning against the MSM, DNC, RNC AND BO. Think what she could do if she had any support. Go Hillary, rise!!!

Alessandro Machi said...

Yes, I have another article that brings up this exact point. If one simply subtracts 1/2 to 1 percentage point for each hi profile naysayer, yet Hillary still has 50% popularity, than it's obvious to me she is the strongest and best liked candidate with the voting public. said...

I have also thought about this very issue. It would be interesting to estimate how many of Obama's points in the polls or votes on voting day are attributable purely to media bias for Obama. Whatever the true amount attributable to pro-Obama bias, we can safely conclude that Clinton's performances in the polls and on voting days would be even better than they have been if this bias did not exist or was at least less intense than it is.