Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pastor Wright is no Rodney King.

Pastor Wright is no Rodney King.
The first time I experienced Pastor Wright's televised NCAA speech he came off larger than life in an obnoxious caricature of himself. I'm on my third time watching now and I find it very good in many ways. The real irony is Pastor Wright would probably make a better presidential candidate than Barrack Obama, so why would I want Barrack?

The audience reaction to what Pastor Wright was saying was deafening at times, however the audio mix of the speech was slanted to only hear Pastor Wright. This is huge because the audience reaction inadvertently betrayed the Pastor's message at times.

Wright's basic theme was how blacks have been ostracized and judged poorly for being different. Wright brought up several examples of speech and song to make his points that different is not wrong, it is just, different. Wright appeared to mimic John F. Kennedy's and Eisenhower's dialect as an example of how whites have different accents than blacks, but are accepted.

But then the audience made a huge faux pas that few who watched the event on televsion seemed to notice, perhaps because the audience soundtrack was muted. Pastor White brought up examples of music and how Europeans looked down on African music. The problem with Pastor Whites theme was that as he was mimicking white methodologies, his audience was busting a gut, and then some. The audience was listening, laughing, and proving that blacks and whites both behave in nearly identical ways when exposed to those who are different from themselves.

Pastor White also did not take into account that WHITES ALSO MAKE FUN OF OTHER WHITE DIALECTS as well. It may be more accurate to say that whites are an equal opportunity annoyer, but why is it so wrong to say the same thing about blacks?

I guess what I'm asking is, can't we all just annoy the heck out of each other, from time to time, and still get along?

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