Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Jocelyn Elders, Bill Clinton, Michael Moore, Hillary Clinton.

Jocelyn Elders, Bill Clinton, Michael Moore, Hillary Clinton.
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Maybe Jocelyn Elders was right after all. In 1994 at a World Aids day Event held in New York, Jocelyn Elders concurred with a comment that masturbation might be a way to help stop the spread of aids in Africa. She was fired soon after as Surgeon General of the United States. Not only would Masturbation probably have helped reduce the spread of aids, a study has just been released that appears to show a relationship between masturbation and reduced prostate cancer in men under 50 years of age.
Reducing Prostate Cancer???
I just bring this up to point out how the Clintons seem to be damned if they do, and damned if the don't. Hillary Clinton was damned for trying to create health care coverage for all americans during the first six months of Bill Clinton's first term in office. Bill Clinton will probably be damned now for agreeing with the firing of Jocelyn Elders back in 1994. When the Clintons try to appease those who dislike them, they are labeled as not being loyal to their own supporters. When the Clintons back their own supporters, they are labeled as arrogant or high brow.

Does anyone recall that it was just a scant few months ago in which comments were being made that the democratic race was too "peaceful"? I do. The race didn't really heat up until Barrack Obama and his camp tried to make the case that because Hillary Clinton could not pick up enough regular delegates before the convention, she should quit. This was said prior to the Ohio, Texas, Rhode Island, Vermont primaries in which Hillary won 3 out of the 4 states.

Even after Hillary won 3 out of 4 states, the Obama camp still felt Hillary should quit for the good of the democratic party. The latest spin is that if Hillary doesn't win Pennsylvania by at least 10 points, Hillary should get out. It seems to me the Obama camp's master plan all along has been to sneak in with a bunch of caucus state wins back in January, and then knowing that Hillary could eventually overtake them in the popular vote based on the states that were left, demand she quit the race. Once again, the Clintons get damned for staying in a race that they really were at least the cofavorites in.

I don't believe that Hillary punched first, Michael Moore. I do believe she punched back. I find it astonishing that an Oscar winning documentarian is not be able to follow the real path of this democratic race. It makes me wonder if Michael Moore can make a real documentary, or is he really just creating the fantasy that he sees in his head and using the documentary format to make a movie out of it. Of all people, Michael Moore should be completely outraged that the Obama camp insisted on Hillary dropping out of a race in which the popular vote would have been practically even if Florida and Michigan had been counted. When the Obama camp first insisted Hillary give up, more than a quarter of all americans had yet to vote, and I find that most offensive of all, so should you, Michael Moore.

Barack Obama has 5% more pledged delegates than the corresponding popular vote, made possible by the caucus undervoting in which 88% less voters determine each delegate that is selected. Is this the kind of "majority consensus" that forces superdelegates to cowtow to the Obama camp. With each passing day I see more and more complicity over the misrepresentation of the american voter.

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KittyNC said...

You are so very right about this. Barack Obama has mastered Howard Dean's 50 State strategy which tells us something about them both. No one in their right mind thinks that a Democrat will carry Wyoming. Why on Earth should someone get that many delegates when only 2000 or so people vote giving an unhealthy margin, but hardly reflective of the electorate. You are right on the money and your writings are very insightful.