Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Pay to Leave Migration Proposal.

I like the idea of choice when it comes to migration. I like the idea that America has a choice in how much migration it allows and I also like the idea that migrationists be given a choice as well.

Passing a migration bill now will expose two huge weaknesses. One, the United States had no choice in accepting 12 million premature migrants, and two, that the migrants had no choice as to whether or not they stayed or went back to their home country.

Do the migrants have any choice in whether or not they stay? They are here, and to make them leave and start over seems really wrong. Yet Americans haven't benefited from the influx of migrants as some might lead you to believe because at the same time mass migration has been coming into the United States, job and manufacturing opportunities have been migrating OUT of the United States.

One primary factor propping up the United States economy is that many middle aged and older Americans have seen their property values rise three and four times over what they paid for their deed a couple of decades ago. Meanwhile, the youngest generation has less chance at owning property proving that migration is not in anyway helping our economy KEEP manufacturing jobs in the United States.

I believe monitoring and enforcing our border is something the United States Government has refused to do and there must be some nefarious, ill begotten reason for that. Perhaps our government is aware of illegal drug trafficking and doesn't want to thwart it by actually improving security at the border. Additionally, legalizing overmigration with a sweep of the legislative hand will just prove that the United States will never control its borders if it's done before true enforcement barriers and procedures are put in place.

Before any migration bill is passed, I propose that the border wall be finished and the proper security put in place. At that point, I think every migrationist should be offered $15,000 dollars to leave the United States and go back to their country of origin. Additionally, another $5,000 dollars would be placed in an American bank account that would go toward the necessary legal fees for becoming a United States citizen. This additional money could be accessed and the process for reinstatement could be initiated one year after a migrationist has gone back to their original country of departure.

Aren't you curious just how many of the alleged 10 million people waiting to be made citizens would go for this offer? I bet the predictions about what percentage would take the money and return to their prior home land would vary a wild amount.

If the United States cannot afford a "pay to leave" program, then how can the U.S. afford a "pay to stay" and receive government programs that would result from the influx of 10 million instant new citizens?

Does the government have the funds for a "pay to leave" program? The United States would have had the funds if when the "War on Terrorism" had been initiated an equal and just as aggressive strategy to implement alternative energies would have been started as well. Instead, we are squandering billions of dollars warring to maintain access to oil reserves outside of U.S. borders, and in essence, we are migrationists ourselves when it comes to oil and our dependence on it.

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