Sunday, March 16, 2008

Minus Imus

How many here know that years ago Al Sharpton was directly involved in public demonstrations which included provocative chanting that led to the killing of an innocent person? It's sad to see the mainstream media rely on Mr. Sharpton and Mr. Jackson to evoke change when both men have on occasion behaved inappropriately. To me that just means nothing has really changed, the torch of inappropriateness has simply been passed from Mr. Imus to Mr. Sharpton and Mr. Jackson.

Snoop Dog's recent explanation about why it was ok for himself but not outsiders to call women in his own neighborhood derogatory names left out one undeniable truth. Snoop Dog profited by calling women from his neighborhood derogatory names, which makes him at the very least no different from those he insulted, and probably worse. After profiting by condemning women for being gold diggers (to put it in a nicer vernacular), how much of that profit has Snoop put back into the very neighborhoods and people he publically criticized?

Kudos to the Rutgers collegiate women's basketball team, a basketball team comprised of many nationalities that lost an early season game against Duke by 40 points, but kept improving all season long until they made it to the NCAA Women's championship game. That is one of the real stories regarding the Rutgers Women's NCAA basketball team, yet it didn't get much publicity before, during or after Imus said what he said.

I don't understand why it is ok for every, and I mean EVERY radio and television news broadcaster to repeat verbatium, and rerepeat many times thereafter, the exact same comment that Mr. Imus said just once? Assuming the Imus comment was bad the first time Mr. Imus said it, isn't it just as bad the second, and far worse once we have all heard the comment repeated well over a dozen times by the news media? I wish the FCC would fine every "news" station that unnecessarily repeated and rerepeated the unrepeatable Imus phrase under the guise of "breaking news". I don't feel it necessary for newscasters to broadcast over and over a phrase that if I ever were to repeat just once would rightfully land me in trouble.

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