Sunday, March 16, 2008

Iran 68, Iraq 26. Do You Know What I'm Talking About?

Iran has a population of 68 million, Iraq has a population of 26 million people. Does anyone really believe that once the United States leaves
Iraq that Iraq can defend itself from three warring factions within Iraq, and also deal with Iran?

Explain to me why it will be OK to have Iran run roughshod over Iraq once the United States leaves. Explain to me how getting rid of Saddam Hussein and HIS TWO SOCIOPATHIC RAPISTS SONS (both of whom would have carried onward the leadership of Iraq in an even more heinous and lethal manner than Saddam), while also protecting Iraq from Iran and a population 2.5 times greater than Iraq makes Mr. Bush one of the worlds most terrible people?

And if you respond to this editorial, please ADMIT as to whether or not you had researched the population of both countries and knew there was such a huge disparity in population between Iran and Iraq BEFORE you had formulated an opinion about the war in Iraq.

If Bush was wrong for invading Iraq, it was only because he did not have the ability to be as much of a menace as Saddam Hussein must have been to both keep three different religious sects in check within Iraq while also defending Iraq's border against Iran.

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