Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Hidden Message Behind the TB Media Scare.

Isn't it scandalous to suddenly make such a HUGE Media Publicity Scapegoat out of one person who flew to various places around the world when they had TB? Are we to believe that in the last 30 years and millions of airline flights that NOBODY has ever flown before who had TB?

Is it now evident that in the near future all airline passengers will have to be "tested" for communicable diseases just prior to boarding an airplane? If the Media TB Terror Alert didn't convince you that your rights to move around the United States and other countries as well have now been further compromised, just wait until terrorists simply annoint their own with communicable diseases and send them merrily around the world to contaminate a ton more people than a bomb can maim.

A whole new industry, one that "tests" people for communicable diseases right before boarding a plane may have just been born, and all it took was the Media's public outing and persecution of one American Citizen to do it. Has some business entity used the U.S. Media to ratchet up the demand for their own medical testing product?

Uh oh, maybe it is time to suppress the media. It truly looks like we're damned if we do suppress the media, and damned if we don't.

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